About Us 

One day I woke up and just wanted to write. Not to be conceited but I knew I was sort of a good writer. I never acted on those feelings and wrote them anywhere. I was full of all these thoughts and emotions but never thought to write them down because I was always too “busy” life gets in the way I guess. It’s complicated. But, after all these years and some rough times I decided maybe, it was a good time to put all of these thoughts into a blog and start somewhere. Maybe, someone out here will want to read our thoughts and how we process.

Moonchild and Sunflower. 

One day at work I was bored and decided to make everyone take the 16 personality test just because I’m the type of person that feels like I can connect on a greater level knowing more about how they work it helps to get to know more about them. It was crazy the few people who took it I wasn’t expecting anyone to have the same results because it’s your personality basically. No one is going to have the same answers. But, Sunflower, I knew we were similar but holy hell when she showed me her results I wasn’t expecting any one to have the same results. It was like we instantly connected on a different level in that moment. It was amazing and weird.

I’ve always wrote, it just something that I did. I started in high school. I wrote fiction it was way for me to escape the world around me it lets me make my own world. I felt like no one understood, I didn’t think that there was anyone like me around. And who would think she was right across the street. I still write my stories, I love writing them. But I’m learning how to write more about myself, and the things in my head. I think that why work so well together, we’re so similar, yet our writing skills are so different.

We had to talk about it right then and do research and all that other stuff because that’s just how we work. It’s crazy how a simple 60 question test about your personality can help you get to know your self better. It actually helped us become closer. Sometimes we’re psychic and can read each other’s minds. We’re very similar, yet different. But, we work the same way.

We both knew we loved to write and take pictures, just didn’t have a clue where to begin or how. Bright idea, let’s start a blog and see what happens. We had this idea for a while. We were scared{the mind of an INFP is as deep as an ocean} were afraid to jump in unless it’s going to be perfect. But here we are. Starting our dream. Who cares if it isn’t perfect, we aren’t and were completely happy with ourselves. Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Infp, a world through pictures and words 

When two creative minds came together

Moonchild🌛and Sunflower🌻


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