I just haven’t met you yet;


She had her fair share of broken endings and crazy beginnings. 

She no longer related to the crazy on the outside. 

Only crazy lingered in her mind. (And that's where it was staying) 

She was more at peace with herself for the first time in years. 

For once she didn't care about the past, nor the future. 

Sit back, smile, and enjoy the ride. 

She knew she was intended for love and happiness in this life. 

It's all she's ever been looking for. 

She was always looking for it. She never let it come to her. 

She was looking for the missing piece to her puzzle of life. 

The puzzle piece that will help guide her throughout this insane, weird life.  

The piece of the puzzle that she can feel thousands of miles away no matter what time of the day even if they've never touched...

The piece of the puzzle that will make her feel like she's finally found home. 


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