Over looking

I’ve been writing and writing.             Nothing makes sense.                                                Nothing feels good anymore.                          I’ve been in a really dark place this last month.                                                                    

I can’t seem to get out of my head.                    I don’t sleep well.                                                  I rarely eat.                                                      I’m not mentally there.                                    I’ve been trying really hard though.           I’ve only showed my best friend what’s really going on; 

But, deep down I don’t think anyone can understand what’s going on with me because even I don’t. 

Maybe I’m making a big deal.                 Maybe I’m not.                                                But, I feel like I died a little inside.                   I feel lost.                                                                 I forget which way to go.                               I’m going thru a break up, it’s been more than a month. 

Why the fuck can’t I seem to get over it?    Get over it, it’s a break up, it happens not the end of the world.                                 People do things you’re sometimes not supposed to understand.

It just feels like something deeper.               I’m looking for something more,                   I’m searching for something I can never find.

 I’m fucking getting sick of looking;
                                                    I’m tired. 


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