I’m going with the flow of life and doing only what makes me feel good or true happiness inside. I’m sick of the way things have been;

I’m sick of every thing 

The way I feel 

The way I look 

How unhappy the world is 

The negative thoughts I’m feeling 

It took me too long in life to realize happiness only comes from within you have to search for it and it’s not going to come easy. Keep trying a different way because you’ll eventually get it, right? 

 It comes with a lot of thinking.. 

A lot of pain..

A lot of depression..

A lot of anger..

A lot of numbness..

But, eventually you’ll find something to fill the void.. 

Replace the sadness every time you see an old photo 

Or get angry when you are reminded of the way things used to be 

Eventually you’ll laugh again 

Eventually you’ll move on in time 

Eventually you’ll be happy again


But, every eventually turns into a knife carving away slowly at your heart… 



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