Where am I going? 

I need to really think about my life; Where am I  going? What on earth do I want to do?

For a while now I have this reoccurring thought in my head that I literally just want to pack up my life and go. Move to a secluded place where there aren’t any people and write a book. Get lost. 

Right now, I feel like I’m kinda trapped in what society believes I’m supposed to be doing. They make us believe that we’re supposed to wake up every day to keep wondering if we’re going have enough money to get by for the week. Keep being stuck in the same dead end job for the rest of our lives just because we made some bad choices and made a few mistakes along the way. 

Makes me think that I can’t just up move away because there’s never enough money and time. Or you get too comfortable in the ways that you’re used to. You get stuck in the ways that you grew up or how your parents raised you. They raised you thinking you needed to work until you hurt everyday to provide for your children. Why do we have to be programmed into thinking that this is really what life is right now? 
Who says we can’t just pack and leave and start a life that you’ll actually be happy everyday? You believe that so you do it. 

I’m not saying I don’t want to provide for my son. I’m saying I want to be happy in doing so. Actually living the life we’re meant for. Being able to actually see his cute face more than once a day sometimes because I work way too much. 
For now, it has to be like this until I can figure out where I’m going. 

You have to keep remembering that it takes time;

And, a whole lot of trying to stay positive in such a negative world. 



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