Sunflower & Moonchild 

I want to dedicate this to one of my dearest friends; sunflower 🌻

I always say this but, I want you to know that you are one of the good ones. You’re fearless. You have those bright blue eyes that can hypnotize a room full of strangers without even knowing. You brighten people’s days. (Obviously why sunflower fits you.) You’re a bright ray of Sunshine. You little wallflower, you. You’re the type of lady to give the shirt off your back to someone who really needs it. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone it just matter who’s been by your side”. You’ve been there for me no matter what, and you hold no judgments. I can text you at 3 am and you’d be there to help me solve my problems. You don’t see me differently, you see me as I really am, I can be myself. We can be ourselves with each other. You come by a lot of different people in your life some good and some really freaking crappy. But, only the good ones come around every so often so, hold on to them. You’ll need those people around in your life. They make life a little bit easier when times are tough. 

It’s taken me until recently to be able to express my feelings in ways I thought I never could. The happiness I feel makes me want to bring happiness to everyone close to me. Yea, we all have our bad days. But the way I feel now makes those bad days a lot less easier. 


I want you to be happy. 

I want you to find happiness the way it 

found me; 

It’s in you; 

It’s just waiting to come out 

You are meant for it. 

Take that chance 

Make mistakes 

Take that road trip

Find real true love 

Start that business 

Be who you always wanted to be;

You are my best friend and I love you. It’s always easier for me to write things down rather than out loud. We’re the same way it’s just easier to express ourselves fully but, on paper it’s like, who are you? 

I’m grateful to have met you. 

Thank you; 

I’m glad you get to be here through the good years. Because I know, life is only going up from here. 



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