Aug 23 1:22am 

When you find somebody special hold on to them; No matter what, don’t ever give up in life.. Better things are still waiting for you, you just have to open your eyes.. 

I get it life happens;  You get sucked into believing that life should be one way because that’s all you know. You were raised that way. It’s how we grew up. Life really is like a roller coaster but, maybe one day you’ll get to graduate to the lazy river. 

When you get older you start to find things out on your own and realize you can do whatever the fuck you wanna do and live however you want to. (Obviously following most rules of life) (respect is a good one) You are your own person. You are meant for this life to live and be happy. I get it you still have to survive. And believe me when I say I’m still trying to survive. But I believe that’s why we’re on earth. To be happy. Not to wake up day after day being miserable, not living to our fullest selves. I don’t want to keep waking up everyday thinking “is this really how life is supposed to be?” Get up do the same shit over and over again. No, that’s not what I want. I want pure bliss. The kind of happiness I’ve felt for the past two months. The kind of happiness that you don’t even realize because you feel like you’ve known this person forever. It’s raw and it’s real. And it’s been pretty amazing with him. He truly brings out the best in me. The calmer me. The more patient me. But yet, I can still be my wild-ish self. He brings out the beautiful in me. I could’ve just rolled out of bed with crazy hair with make up smeared all over my face, and ya know he’d still tell me I’m beautiful. He loves all the versions of me. It’s something kind of wonderful and it doesn’t scare me at all. I’m more free now than I ever have been. I feel like I could conquer anything with him. I appreciate my life more because of him. 

Being in love really changes a persons perspective on life. I’ve been in love a few times. But this time, it’s different. It’s the kind of love that’ll change your whole outlook on life. The kind of love that makes you want to change the world and be a better person. 

It’s really not until you’ve pretty much been through the ringer you realize you’re not going to be happy until you find out that it’s in you all along. It’s  waiting to come out and show you how special life really is. I finally saw that money doesn’t matter. The only things that matter are your children, your family, and your friends and loved ones. Because you don’t need things to be happy. You only need each other. It took me a long time to realize that I too deserve only happiness. No matter what you’ve been through or where you’re at now. Always remember you’re going to get there. No matter what. It’ll take time and it’ll be hell

But you’ll get through it. ♥️



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