by: SunfloweršŸŒ»

Being alone. I have a love, hate relationship with it. I love being alone, I love doing what want, when I want. Not answering to anyone, and I believe it’s healthy to have alone time. You need time to think, time for yourself, time that is just yours. I’m an introvert, that’s why I love to be alone. Being alone it’s something you choose, it’s mental. It’s you being comfortable with yourself, with in. That you can spend time with yourself with no self doubt. Being in room without anyone in it, going shopping with no one, going to a park to read a book, or to just enjoy the quiet. And I believe once you comfortable being alone is where you start to become lonely. You’re no longer discovering yourself. It’s little harder you don’t choose it, it’s emotional. You start wanting to have a connection with someone, or something. Whether it’s romantic or a friendship, I believe in my friendships I’m not lonely. I have the best friends I girl to ask for always there when I need them (even though the is crowd small). I think I’m missing a romantic connection I’ve never had one before, and I don’t know what to look for, and I think that’s where my minds starts to play tricks on me since I’ve lacking something I feel lonely no matter what I’m doing or who I’m with, and then I think “oh I just like being alone.” It’s like when a dog is chasing his tail. It’s constant battle, I just keep going in circles, because I can’t find what fills the empty spaces inside of me. 


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