Now don’t let go.. 

Never thought I’d find you; 

You’ve been out there hiding this whole time

You make me feel like I’m walking on clouds 

When were together it feels like it’s never enough time;

I don’t want this to ever end.. 

It was like fate; I found you at the right time 

The perfect moment you came into my life 

And I fell;

Pretty hard.

But I’m glad you made it

Took a while to get here 

You’re here now that’s all that matters,

I think I was always supposed to love you;

You finally found me 

It took me a little time to realize

That we had to live a while without each 

other to learn more about life;

To grow up;

Be better people; 

To be with other people;

Live different lives;

So we could eventually find each other 

But we’re here now;

Just being in your presence makes me feel 

so damn amazing; it’s hard to describe in 


You bring out the special parts of me that 

no one else has ever uncovered;

You touch me and it gives me chills down 

my spine like no other;

You make me feel amazing every time we 


I can’t get enough,

It feels like we’re kissing for the first 

time every time; 

We always say one 

It’s never enough; 

But, it’s always more than a few 

Because; I just can’t get enough of you 

Sometimes, I forget to breath 

I’m so lost in you 

You put me in a trance 

I’m under your spell; 

That I never want to get out of 

You have my heart 

Now don’t let go;



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