This is the first time this month I’ve tried 

to distract myself. 

And I’m not even joking.  

I’ve had you

You; always on my mind. 

Since the day I met you. 

Right now in this moment I’m trying to 

not think about you. 

But it always wonders right back to you 
Last night 

You said those words.. 

I had a strange feeling 

You were going to say those words.. 

But it that moment 

I was still shocked.. 

How could someone ever love me again.. 

How could I mean so much to you 


How could you be ready to let me all into 

your heart 

The only part that makes me sad 

Is that I didn’t tell you I loved you back 

All these sudden thoughts crossed 

through my mind 

A million at once 

I could say it 

Is it too soon to be feeling this way

Yet it feels like years 

I want you around me all the time 

You bring out the best in me 

I’ve never felt this way before 

Thinking of you gives me chills down my 


I want you to be all mine all the time 

I should’ve told you in that moment 

But, a few days later 

Imagining life without you 

I can’t wait to tell you 

That I, 

“Fucking love you too” 



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