1:35 am August 1st 

Dear diary,

Never thought these words or phrases would ever come out of my brain.

But I’ve been swept off my fucking feet. 

I’ve been in kinda like a whirl wind romance almost fairy tail like but, without all the bullshit.

I don’t need fancy things I just need you.

I’ve never been the type of lady to smile at someone for no flipping reason. I’ve never actually missed someone who wasn’t family. I thought I did; until now..

When you kiss me it’s literally like the world stops around us and I lose track of everything.. 

I can stay awake hours and text you until the ass crack of dawn or see you for hours a day and it still would never be enough time.

It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other. You’re just you. Amazing. Imperfectly perfect for me. I could never get sick of seeing your face. When you’re smiling at me I kinda get lost. Like holy shit he’s smiling at me the way I’m smiling at him.

There hasn’t been a day since we’ve stopped talking since we met. You make me remember things whether they are good are bad and I want to tell you everything no matter how fucked up it could possibly be and I want the same for you. You don’t ever have to say sorry for being late. I understand that things happen in life. I’m really bad at my time management skills in life so it’s pretty much a win win.

When I’m with you it feels like we can do anything together and it just feels so right. You make me love my life. You make me feel beautiful for once in my life. You make my cheeks so god damn red; all warm and fuzzy inside. These feelings I have for you can’t compare to anything I’ve ever felt.

I’m in love with you.

Where did you come from. 

Everytime we have a date or you come visit me I still get so nervous. My heart pounds and I get butterflies.. but, all those nerves go away when I see your amazing adorable face.

You brought me back to life.

You brought happiness in.

I’m grateful for you.

Thank you 💜



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