Mind of an adopted INFP;


By: MC🌛

Every once in a while when I’m cleaning I come across the letters from her..It was always her writing.. 

I start to think maybe she wasn’t that bad of a person..

She couldn’t take care of me, she wasn’t well..

She made poor choices that caused this.. 

She got lost in the darkness and couldn’t get out.. (I can relate)

But what I can’t relate to is how you leave your children 

{Drugs will do that to you} 

But how did you end up there?

What happened to you? 

Why did the drugs take over you? 

I don’t think I’ll really ever have the answers to my questions? Maybe I don’t need them.. Or really honestly want to know what happened. I’ve heard stories. Rumors. 
I’m not sure being born with drugs in my system really makes me want to meet a person like that. Twenty six years later it could be different. But it’s hard to say, I still think about her. She gave me life and it could of been a shittier one. I’m thankful for that. 
I’m sure it’s my root to all evil, the reasons I am the way I am. I always think someone’s going to leave. It’s hard for me to uncover myself around people.. I’m not blaming her.

  I turned out pretty okay some would say.. 



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