Dear diary; my personality

By: moonchild 
I took one of those Myer Briggs personality tests a while ago and it was actually one of the most accurate tests I’ve ever taken. I took another one on just in case but, I ended up getting the same results. “Infp” 
(As you maybe can tell I wrote this awhile ago, I kinda just left this to the side and thought maybe I’d eventually get back around to it.)  
   I’m confused though? I think all the time? It’s all I do is think. But holy shit do I feel. Turbulent? Hmmmm, I see it. Well get back to that another time. Obviously I’m introverted, I’m writing a blog, dur. 

I can read people like a book. Don’t lie. I can find out in literally 3 seconds. Sometimes I feel like I’m psychic 😳. It’s like I already know things are going to happen and then they happen. Strange. 
But anyways, back to more about “Infp”. When I took the test, it actually helped me learn a lot more about myself. I’m the type of girl who is very good with hiding my feelings. Since childhood. It’s helped me open up more. Understand myself better. I’m a rare one. 4% of the population are Infp’s I found that out, could be bull, it’s on the Internet.

I’ve become very anti social in the past couple years. I have no idea why. Depression. Anxiety. Not a frickin clue. I don’t even like watching tv. Forget the news too. If you asked me what was going on in the world you would laugh at me. It’s just too upsetting to me. I don’t like hearing about rape and murder and anything. It’s never good news anymore. Maybe that’s why I gave up. 

Social media. Yea, idk what happened there. I go in and out of Facebook and Instagram moods. Twitter, I had it when it first came out. When it was easy to use lol. It’s also another sad place to look at. It’s like high school all over again. Pretty much for family purposes even though I barely use it then. I’m pretty pathetic. My friends tell me I’m sorta pathetic when it comes to social media. They don’t really understand how I really work though unless they are really close to me. 

Since I wrote this I actually deleted my Facebook and since I have it feels pretty nice 👽

I do love to take pictures. I’m the girl who has a million pictures in her phone of random beautiful scenery. Everywhere I go I have to take pictures. Then I wonder why my phone runs out of room 😒. I want to start here and post them and share some of my pictures. They make me happy. My camera roll is filled with pictures of my amazingly handsome son, scenery and screen shots. 

I’m very aware I’m all over the place. It’s because my fingers just type whatever they want. My brain and my fingers just go. My thought process is different than “normal” people. No, I don’t consider my self normal lol. I’m weird, different, and I actually like myself more and more as the days go on. I like to write but, I’ve never shown any one or written a blog. Bare with me. I’ll probably suck😂. 

(You know you’re an infp when you actually take a few days off from writing but can pick up right where you left off. We’ll sort of. But I get writers block aka get distracted easily aka p r o c r a s t i n a t e and eventually get off track.) 5 months give or take. 🤓😐 Procrastination is one of my biggest flaws. 

Susan Myer-Briggs (the creator) she was also an INFP, fun fact. 

I feel everything. I’m very empathetic. I’m the girl who cares beyond the point of where you shouldn’t anymore because my heart is so big. I was born this way, I can’t help it. My heart is as big as the ocean. Some people have taken advantage of it but those people are better left in the past. 

Caring too much
Taking everything too personally
Living in the past 

Always focused more on the future 
Can’t say no 
These are all the things that I am focusing on in life right now. 
You can only care to a point, especially when some people do not care at all.

I usually don’t let things get to me but every once in a while some asshole gets under my skin.

Living in the past; this will always be a hard one. Goes with pictures and memories, the good, the bad, the ugly. I literally remember everything. It stays with me. It’s hard to forget what I’ve been through so, I just have learned to let go of the mess I’ve been through and it’s become a lot easier. 

Focusing more on the future is not helping me live in the present moment now and helping me live each day the fullest and I need to remember this. It’s a hard process because I’m focused on getting my life together and I’m one of those people where I want it right now. Not today, yesterday lol. 
Saying no. Jesus. Why is it so damn hard for me to say no? NO NO NO. There I said it. Seriously, I am too damn nice and there’s a certain point when people have to stop taking advantage of your niceness. #infpprobz for real. We all do it though. But, I’m probably just worse than normal people because I care way too much. Karma will bite people in the booty though. 

   It was just scarily accurate when I read some of these things from the test. 

Difficult to get to know, oh lorty, good luck even trying to get to know me unless you’ve known me. I’m still trying to figure out myself. 

I’m weird and awkward in social situations. I know this lol. I like going on adventures. I’m simple yet complicated. If that makes any sense. Most likely not. 

I hate crowds, it gives me bad energy. My anxiety spikes through the roof, I hate it. But, sometimes I have to suck it up and take one for the team, I don’t mind.  

“Sometimes an infp can be so focused on a cause they don’t eat or drink” yes this has happened before. Oh hey, it’s midnight and I forgot to eat. Whoops. I’m so focused on writing or doing something I forget. 

I was scrolling through some screen shots just now and I noticed one of the personality tests my feeling percentage was 93% no wonder I’m so fucked up. I don’t think. I feel. I feel literally with my whole body. When I’m passionate about something you will know. Sometimes I have word vomit. It gets me in trouble sometimes. It makes people laugh at the wrong time🙊 The truth is coming out but, sometimes it’s at the wrong time all because of my damn feelings. I’m a sensitive bitch. Whatever. Lol. I was born this weird complicated human. I love myself though, I’m beginning to be happy with who I’m becoming at this point in my life. It’s funny what a simple 60 or however many question test will do to help you figure out or learn more about who you are. 


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  1. I resonate with this. I am INFP-T but my feeling is not quite as high. I agree, for me when I figured out I am INFP it was a huge relevation and relief to know there are others like me.

    Thanks for writing 🙂


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