Dear Diary; it’s been a while.. 


I recently started “online dating”. Dating in 2015 is weird. I’m not gonna lie, I think I went on a few dates. Didn’t really lead to anything when I was first on it.. So I gave it a shot again around the beginning of December. 

Maybe it was because I was lonely or needed the entertainment, I’m still not exactly sure. Some of the profiles on there are pretty hilarious and I get a good laugh out of them. I probably shouldn’t be saying things like this but, are some of these guys serious or even real anyways?

Let me just tell you how creepy dudes are. Don’t get me wrong there ARE decent men out there, I think. But the guys who message me 90% of them are creepers, I realized. You pretty much have to know how to weed out the fake ones. I’m not really sure if I’m good at this yet or not. 

I get messages from some guys even apologizing to me for how other men are on it. 

I was a bit lazy on filling out my profile. To this day it has nothing in it. I’m not sure why. I answered a lot of questions but, I honestly hate talking about myself. I’m Pretty much to the point of being on there but, I find it difficult to talk about myself on a dating site when you don’t even know if half the people on there are even real. One day I’ll get around to it. 

I obviously chose online dating because of my introverted ways. We live in a world where it’s easier for people like us to meet people online than in a bar or, at a job. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to meet my soulmate at Walmart. 

Or maybe, I’m just too picky. I know what I want but, at the same time maybe I don’t? 

I have this vision of the future all in my head just waiting for my imperfectly perfect person to come along. 

Will I meet him online? I’m not sure. 

But, until then maybe I can give you guys a few laughs from a few messages I’ve received. 

Ugh, what the hell is this. 

And what do you even say back? 

 😐🙄  maybe I should of thought of a better username.


MoonChild 🌛✨

P.s Have a safe and wonderful new year♥️


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