Nothing More than LOVE!

By: SunfloweršŸŒ»



I think about this topic a lot, almost everyday.

I love the idea of Love, of being in love. You can call me a hopeless romantic. I find myself looking at couples when I’m out, how they act toward each other, how they touch each other and care for one another. I like to put story to them, how they met, what they do, how they fell in love. It’s gives me idea on what to write for my stories. I found a quotes that I think pretty covers me.

“I often find myself thinking that I could have true love in my real life if I could stop falling in love with fictional characters. Reality, more often than not, falls short and its both sad and satisfying to just stay inside my head.”

– anonymous

I want nothing more then to fall in love. Have that one person by my side for the rest of my life, but at the same time. I find myself creating these characters, and seeing myself in them, and being happy and satisfying with myself, and not seeing the point of a relationship right now, because of all the relationships around me aren’t what you think they should be people getting hurt, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  I think that why I get so invested in TV shows too. I follow the ones, that’s look like the relationship I want to have, and be apart of. Love is a beautiful thing, and like I said I want nothing more then to be in love, I just hope one day I can get out of my head, so that I can do that.


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