Into The Unknown


One cup of coffee

One puff of maryjane

She began to meditate

It was like she was in a trance

she was shaking

her heart was racing

she lifted off into another time into another place

she felt like she was in another universe

“Where am I?”

“This place is magical, filled with flowers and ….


They could feel themselves drifting towards each other

the world stopped around them

“why are you running” she said

“I’m not sure the universe is ready for us yet dear”

“When will we know

“The Universe will tell us, you just have to believe in it ” he said

they laid in the grass right by the flowers

the water was near by, nothing but laughter

if only this moment could last forever

“This is only good-bye for now, baby girl”

“I’ll see you soon” she said softly

she kissed him on the forehead with tears in her eyes

he wiped them off one by one then sadly waved good-bye..

She came out of her trance, drifting back into reality

“What just happened?”

The universe is telling her something

“A sign, perhaps?” she said confused 

There are better opportunities for her

she just needed to believe in it

One day that moment will occur for her

That moment will happen soon

And then she’ll wonder why she didn’t believe sooner

Moonchild🌛”the universe has shaken you to awaken you..”✨


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