By: Moonchild🌛

There’s only so much you can take before

you begin to break

I’m coming undone 

Too much is going on inside my head 

I’m about to lose it 

I’m so close to the edge

When will people understand that I’m only 

one person

I can only take so much 

Before I come undone 

Stressed beyond belief 

When will it end 

The world is always on my shoulders 

No one seems to understand 

I’m always doing so much 

Giving my ALL 

Seems like I get nothing in return

I’ve been through hell and back 

Keep creeping in and out 

So much pain 

So much worry 

I need to get out of this darkness thats 

been haunting me 

I want the world off my shoulders 

So many feelings 

Sadness and confusion the most 

Where do I go from here? 

I don’t want to break down 

I don’t want to lose control 

I’m just ready to let g o.. 

Moonchild🌛 I’m a light sleeper but, a heavy dreamer


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