One day she’ll have it all 

  By: Moonchild🌛 

He said 

You’re stupid 

You’re ugly 

You’re crazy 

You’re a liar 

And a cheater 

He broke her 

Beat these words into her head 

Made her feel like she was nothing 

You’re pathetic 
You’ll never amount to anything 

No one will ever love you 

She never felt so broken 
He made her feel empty inside

But why

She wasn’t perfect, that’s for damn sure 

She was stuck in her bubble 

He couldn’t hurt her anymore 

It took her almost a decade 

She finally got the courage 

Something clicked in her head 

She can’t look back 
The pain was too immense 

Keep looking forward 

She is smart 

She is beautiful 

She isn’t crazy 

She isn’t a liar 

She isn’t a cheater 

She will amount to something 

Her dreams were bigger than her soul 

One day she will find someone 

With a heart as deep as the ocean 

Just like hers is

Someone will be there to sweep up the 

p i e c e s.. ♥️

Gently place it back together 

One day, she will have it all 

Moonchild🌛 she’s like the moon.. She only shines brightest when no one was around to see.. ✨


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