She’s better now 

 -r.m. drake 

By: Moonchild🌛
 Why did they leave them

What did they do to them

She was just a baby 

They left them in a hallway 

Why didn’t they care 

Where were they 

They were too young to take care of them

Big brother stole food to feed her 

She stayed awake all night because of the 


Where were their mommy and daddy 

When they were there they didn’t care

They left her in her blanket 

Milk ran down her ears 

Damaged scar tissue

Damaged since the beginning 

Alone and scared 


How could they do this 

Innocent children 

They left them 

Alone and lost 
It was all for the better 

She’s better now 

⭐️”You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life“⭐️


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