Don’t do it 

By: Moonchild🌛

When she heard you loved someone else

she couldn’t believe it 

It was like she died a little inside 

She had to know for herself 

Don’t do it girl 

You don’t need to feel broken any longer 

The tears she’s cried 

The years she’s lost 

The time 

Don’t do it 

He loves someone else 

Live in the present 

Her future is bright 

The world has better possibilities for her 

Greater possibilities than empty promises 


Lost time 


She will find someone magical 

Maybe not today

Or even next year 

But one day someone will find her 

Make her feel everything wonderful 

Instead of nothing and darkness 

Moonchild🌛 – “She is madness, sanity. She is hell, and paradise.” – rm drake 


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