Wandering back into the past..


Girl.. What are you doing to yourself? Why does it seem you get so lost in what you are doing with life? 

One day you seem as if you have it so put together then.. Poof, back to old habits. 

The past. 

It’s always there, sometimes it can be so haunting. It creeps back.. 

On the outside everyone thinks she’s okay but, deep down inside she’s feeling lost, lonely, sad, depressed. Sometimes, she doesnt know which way to go? It’s not all the time. It’s like when she’s getting her life together finally, she gets scared and goes back to a path where she shouldn’t.. 

The past. 

Exactly where she doesn’t need to go. Where it hurts. Where it makes her sad, lonely, lost and depressed. Why do you do this to yourself? It’s nothing but pain. 

Don’t put yourself through this horror again girl. 

You deserve the world


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