Stuck in a world where no one understands.

  By: Sunflower 🌻

  I spend most of my day staring at a blank page. I have no idea how to write about myself, what to say, or how to describe myself. But if you give me a blank page and tell to make something up, I could go on for pages and pages. I’m supposed to be creative, right!? 

 she was quiet

 she was shy

 she was there 

 she was always there. 

     Not many people seen her growing up. She was just there. She had friends what she thought were really good friends, best friends. But after they all left there, they weren’t best friends, or really good friends, or friends at all. They were people that just happens to be there. But she was the girl that always sees the best in people, and good things no matter what. 
It took her years to realize that it was for the best, that those people were in her life anymore. She didn’t know who they were. She realize that she had to stop worrying about other people, and start worrying about herself, no! not worrying, caring about herself, and once she started that, she felted less misunderstood, because she found people, no people, friends, really good friends, best friends, that truly understood her, for her, and she understood them.. 


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