The girl who’s mind won’t stop. 

   By: Sunflower 🌻

  My mind just races. All the time. it never stops. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why I write fiction. Is, It stopped the racing, it lets me live somewhere else, not that I don’t love my life and myself, I love where I am in life, and I love myself, my friends, my family. Its just sometimes, its better there. You get to write your own story, where you’re going, who you meet, who you fall in love, and you don’t have to answer to anyone. Most people always say they want to live in a movie, not me, I want to live in books. I’d rather live in a fictional world than any reality.

   Anyways, when I can’t write, when I have major writer’s block, when my mind races to the worse places, I think of things and people that I’ve never wanted to think about again in my life. It could be something as dumb as “did I shut everything off at work.” To something as real as “will anyone love me” “will anyone ever look at me like I’m their one and only girl” and when I go there I can’t get out, because as much as I say I don’t need man to do anything in life, and I don’t! No girl in this world needs a man to do anything. But I want one, I want someone that I can travel with, go to shows, stay in and just watch movies, that I catch looking at me from across the room, who is not afraid to tell anyone that, “that’s my girl” that’s is completely in love with me, and that I would do anything for him. When my mind races it is full of a lot of pointless things, it never fails me to go there, i think about it all the time, maybe that’s why I make such a big deal when someone says you’ll find someone, and I say I don’t need a guy, and in reality, I just want to be loved.. 


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