Mary Jane 🍁

  By: moonchild🌛

 You make me feel amazing. 

You take me to a higher place 

You complete me 

Make me feel human again 

I don’t hurt anymore 

I can think clearly again 

I can be my true self 

You’ve helped me through some rough times






You take me to a happy place. 

My happy place. 

{my wish is for people to see this plant as a medicine to help people not hurt people} 

You help me everyday, Mary Jane 

I can feel again 

I see things differently 

I want to help people, not hurt them 

I want to learn as much as possible 

Love everything 

Have the greatest memories with my child 

You helped me become free again 

Why is it so wrong when I feel so right

🌜moonchild -stuck in her own paradox;
conflicted contradiction. 


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