Conflicted Contradiction 

 By: moonchild🌛

   Life. Bullshit, right? Get up feed the kid, try not to be too depressed to do something today. Maybe get out of bed. Maybe brush my hair today. Maybe play with my kid and do fun things with him. Maybe I’ll not quit my amazingly shitty job today. Does this pain ever go away? Does life ever quit shitting on us for whatever reason? Who the hell knows but we have to suck it up and move on because life just keeps on moving.. 
-this is how I was feeling. 
I’m not exactly sure but one day recently I woke up, I’m starting to think I became spiritually awakened/enlightened I’m really not sure. I feel more connected to the earth. More at peace with the world. I love myself. I never have loved myself. I still have my flaws obviously and I am still working on myself with each day. Wisdom comes with age. I’m learning to love life more and more each day. No point in being angry everyday. There are people that have it way worse. I have my son in this world and he literally makes me the happiest, he’s all I need. Why was I so lost before? I don’t get it. I guess that’s the part I’m still working on. I get happier with each day. 

🌜moonchild -stuck in her own paradox; conflicted contradiction. Caught in a world between knowing who she is and who she wants to be. 



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